Friday, June 7, 2013

Killed It

I have never felt so empowered before, during and after a work-out.  I literally walk out of 30 Minute Hit with a ridiculous grin on my face after every session.
This has never happened to me before.  I am not in shape, nor am I very co-ordinated.  I am also excellent at coming up with excuses.
In case you aren't familiar, 30 Minute Hit is a circuit work-out that encorporates kick-boxing, self-defense and exercise.  I love that each station only lasts 2 minutes, so even though I am feeling the burn like crazy, I know the end is near!  You do a series of exercises, 2 minutes at a time with a 15 second rest in between.  The 30 minutes goes by super fast and before you know it, you're done!  I never thought this type of exercise would interest me, but I am loving it!
Being a busy mum, I have struggled to fit in exercise.  This has been very frustrating because I know health is important to being a good parent, employee and woman.  30 Minute Hit allows me to get in a work-out, but not have it take hours of my day.  I think because it's only a half hour, I am more likely to continue and not make up excuses.
I am going to bring you along my journey of doing 30 Minute Hit.  I not only survived week one, I killed it.


  1. Great job! We are so happy that you love our workout!

  2. We loved your post so much, we had to share it with everyone! Keep up the great work :)


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