Friday, June 28, 2013

Pictures Lately

In case you don't follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (PS you should!), I thought I would post some recent photos again today.  I like to do these updates at random to look back.
I bug my husband Jeremy that it was his first day on the job when he accidentally put T's pajamas on backwards and upside down.  No, the arms don't go through the leg holes, Dad!
Speaking of Dad, I totally have to praise good old Pinterest for giving me this idea for Father's Day.  You can follow me on Pinterest here.
This was a Face of the Day or FOTD the other day.  These are the products I use pretty much on a daily basis.
Thank goodness for a haircut!
We've had only a few sunny days so far but I made sure to take advantage and bust out these new sandals I have from BCBG.
We took part in Relay for Life, benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society.  T even did three laps!
I am seeing Taylor Swift in concert this weekend and have returned to my catalog to prepare.  So. Freakin. Excited.  I can't even think about it! Don't worry, there will be a vlog:)
And for the first time ever last weekend I tried frozen yogurt.  This could become a problem.

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