Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips on Deal Hunting

A couple days ago I posted my most recent vlog and in it I talked about a couple of great deals I found.  After that video went live I had numerous requests to do a follow-up giving some tips on how to save money and find deals.
Ask and you shall receive:
(Let me just preface this by saying couponing is much less advanced in Canada than in the US!)

1 - Make sure to sign up for emails from your favourite stores.  I can't remember the last time I paid full price at Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop because they are always having sales.  You can either get a coupon code or find out what the sale of the week is.  A word of warning: these emails can lead to extra purchases, so make sure to use restraint! If I know I don't need anything, I just delete without reading!

2 - Take the time to browse flyers.  We get bi-weekly free newspapers that always have flyers and sometimes they include coupons or stellar deals.  It can be easy to just recycle, but if you can do a quick look-over, you might find something on sale that you need.

3 - Look for coupon inserts.  In those same newspapers periodically we will get a book of random coupons for random products.  I have no idea how they choose what products to include, but sometimes there are great ones for more pricey items like batteries or razors.

4 - Keep an out for in-store coupons.  Sometimes there are coupons stacked in among products and I have found some steals this way.  They are usually placed not at eye level, so be sure to scan the shelves.

5 - Look for products that come with coupons.  For example in my vlog, we went to Dairy Queen and got a free blizzard and free smoothie with coupons from a Cheerios box.  This weekend we got a free container of yogurt with a coupon we had to send away for, with a voucher from another Cheerios box.

6 - If you have your eye on something but it's not urgent, try to hold off until it's on sale.  Chances are if you shop around and wait, you will be able to find a deal.  Books are a fabulous example.  If you can wait until a book goes from hardcover into trade paperback, the hardcovers usually go on discount.  I have bought many hardcovers for less than $10 when the jacket price is $35. 

Hope these help!  Happy deal hunting!

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