Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's On My Desk

This is a fun twist on the video What's in My Bag.  I've done What's in My Spring Purse, What's in My Diaper Bag and What's in My Carry-On.  Today I wanted to mix it up with a blog post of What's On My Desk.  
In case you don't know, for my real job I am a Morning Radio Show Host on a Top 40 station.  You can actually listen live to my show online from 6-10am PST.  
This is what my desk in the studio looks like.  (If you like this post, I can also show you what I keep on my desk in my office.)
Here we go!
This is an over-view of my little area in the studio:    
My co-host sits across the desk from me and above my head is my microphone which swings on an arm.  
This is what is usually in front of me, usually with the addition of (many cups of) coffee and my breakfast protein shake.  I often forget to charge my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) overnight and so it's usually plugged in beside me on silent.  Wouldn't want it to go off while we are live on the air!
 For Valentine's Day this year Jeremy gave me this framed photo of us taken last year while on holiday in Banff.  The quote is from the song Closer by Tegan and Sara, a favourite of our's this year.  The lotion on the left is from (shocker) Bath and Body Works in the scent Strawberry.  My hands get so dry during the morning and I use this multiple times a day.  It's light and fresh, not greasy at all. 
I am in love with these Eco Zebra pens in black ink.  The 'live, love, laugh' notebook is the brand MintGreen from Clementine Paper Inc and I bought it at Winners.  This is where I keep my countless to-do lists.  I would be lost without this book!  I have done a whole video on my planner which I also cannot live without!  My headphones are the Sennheiser HD 205.    
This will not shock any of you who have been following me for a while.  I always have a tub of Lush's Lemony Flutter and a C.O. Bigelow rose salve, my holy grail lip product.  I have done an entire blog post on Lemony Flutter and when I use it my co-host says I am 'shampooing' my nails.  Not quite;)
I always have this plastic water cup and fill it countless times a morning.  I got it on clearance from Superstore after Christmas and actually just turned the red cover inside out to hide the candy canes.  It sits on a coaster hand-made by my loving Nana. 

So, that's what I keep on my desk in the studio.  Tell me, what are your must-haves at work? 

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