Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three Decades: A Reflection

As my twenties draw to a close, I feel like reminiscing over the past three decades. I feel a little shy to be turning 30.  It seems like such an adult number and one that packs a message that says, "I have all my stuff together.  I am an adult".  I don't know why this is intimidating.  Reflecting for a moment to take stock at milestones is important to me.  Too easily we finish each day exhausted from a busy, multitasking life, not noticing all the amazing things we've accomplished. 
Before I turn 30, I decided to indulge and reflect on some of the bigger moments in my first three decades.  If you also take a moment to pause, I predict you too will be happy to realize all you've accomplished.  
 * I have survived ten moves
* I have survived the loss of my dad
* I have had a steady job and career for eight years
* I have felt love I didn't know possible with my teammate, husband, best friend and strongest supporter Jeremy
* I have learned my heart can swell harder than I ever thought possible through Thomas
* I have accepted friendships ending, moving on and growing apart
* I have been guided by my mum to have a strong self-esteem and self-worth
* I have made myself vulnerable and found friendships in surprising places
*I have learned to relax more, stress less
*I have realized I have a lot to learn
 My first 30 years were filled with huge change and major life decisions.  People have often said to me they would never want to re-live their 20s because of all the major life decisions we make.  I met Jer when I was 21, so my last almost-decade was consumed with love and excitement with him, but also mega choices!
In my 30s I wish for calm, love and pushing my boundaries.  
Thank you to everyone who has played a role in my 30 years.  I am overwhelmed thinking about all those who have encouraged me, helped me, laughed with me and held me while I cried.  
Thank you.

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  1. Love YOU sooo much!!!
    You have grown into an amazing "adult"



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