Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recent Pictures

 You might think I am weird...but I love a good work out!  30 Minute Hit has converted me!

 I just HAD to share this...if you go to Britney's website, she has a countdown!  What is she counting down until? A new song? New album? DETAILS please!

 Ok, cue the Full House theme song.  That was easily my favourite show growing up and when Candace Cameron tweeted me...I about died!
 What do you think of these chips? Caesar salad, perogy? There is a grilled cheese and ketchup one too!  Chips may be my vice, but these are a little too weird for me!
 A little Face of the Day.
 Sad day; my Kobo died.  What e-reader should I try next?
 My girlfriend gave me this mug for my birthday.  Perfection.
New cohost.

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