Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School Tag

It's the first day of school!  At least in BC it is:)  I wanted to celebrate today by posting my version of a Back to School Tag my friend Loni created.  I also thought I would post this extra-serious head shot from my broadcast school days:
(What is this girl thinking?! ;)
#1. What is/was your favorite thing to shop for when going back to school?
I am all about everything school supply related!  If I could shop for other kids' school supplies I totally would! I love pens, paper, notebooks, highlighters...all of that fun stuff!  Any excuse I have to buy school supplies and it's happening!
#2. What is/was your favorite subject?
I loved English Lit and Theatre
#3. What is/was your least favorite class?
#4. Who is/was your favorite teacher?
I was so lucky to have the opportunity to be taught by many amazing men and women who shaped my childhood and teenage years.  They even helped me after graduation and if the time/need arose, I wouldn't hesitate to tap into their wisdom.  Maybe this time we could do it over a glass of wine ;)  
Then, in broadcast school I had the top leaders/professionals to teach me and prepare me for the industry.  
#5. What would you classify your status as? (ie. nerd, jock, popular etc...)
Probably nerd/theatre geek.  And proud of it!
#6. What are/were your extra curricular activities?
I loved figure skating in elementary school, then transitioned to dance and volleyball before focussing solely on theatre.  Let me guess, you're not suprised;) 
#7. Favorite Item on the Cafeteria Menu?
We actually didn't have a cafeteria in my small high school until the end of my tenure.  Even when there was the opportunity to buy lunch, I always brought one, lovingly made by my mum.  Yes, I was spoiled!  I do remember how grown up I felt though in Grade 12 when we would walk to our local coffee shop before school to buy a fancy coffee:)
#8. School you attend, or last school you attended?
The last school I attended was BCIT: The BC Institute of Technology and I can't recommend it enough!
#9. Do you know, or did you know what you wanted to pursue after school?
I always wanted to be an actress, but then my mum showed me that the average actress in Canada makes eight thousand dollars a year and I realized I should probably pursue something else!  I grew up watching the news, loved to "be on", enjoyed writing and speaking in public etc and so a career in broadcasting was a perfect fit for me.  I have done an entire video about Why I Got Into Broadcasting.
#10. What are you most looking forward to about this school year?
Well, I can't really answer this one because I am not in school, nor is anyone in my house.  But, that being said, I still love the beginning of September.  It will always feel like a fresh start and the chance to begin something new.

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  1. Well said about all the amazing teachers!
    We love this photo :)


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