Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mama Mare Must Have

This is not a very flashy subject, but come on moms, this is important stuff!  We are talking diaper rash. This instalment of Mama Mare Must Have is all about the best diaper cream I've found.  
Thomas, my two year old, doesn't get diaper rash very often as we use cloth diapers.  (I've made a video about cloth diapers you can see here.)
We've tried a few different kinds, but nothing works as well as this.  Hands down.  This is Ihle's Paste, pronounced "eels".  It's the best diaper cream we've found.  
 It's a very thick paste, with virtually no smell.  (You might be thinking that diaper cream is bad to use with cloth diapers.  We use a liner as a buffer and it works great for us.)  I am not sure what you would call this cream.  It's not a prescription, but we have to ask the pharmacist to order it, but it only takes a day to arrive.  We buy it from Shoppers Drug Mart.  This 500g tub costs $18 which sounds outrageous, but lasts forever!
I hope this helps you if you're needing a good diaper cream.  It is supposed to also work well on heat rash, cuts, chapped skin etc.  Good luck! 

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