Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Great Bottle

You might think I am crazy for writing an entire blog post about a water bottle.  But this bad boy deserves some recognition.  Behold the Blender Bottle:
My lovely Aunt bought this bottle for me at WalMart.  I use this bottle mainly for my protein shakes.  I love how wide the top is, because I can scoop my protein powder directly into it. It's also easy to add ice or lemon etc.  
Then the metal cylinder goes into the bottle and helps to mix the powder into the water.  It acts like a little internal mixer and really helps make the drinker smoother.  This probably seems very simple, but it's the bottle I use daily and has cut down on extra work for me.
The Blender Bottle is also fabulous for water, especially during my workouts or walks.  I like the pop top and find it easy to drink out of.  It's also easy to open, especially when I have my 30 Minute Hit gloves on.
I believe a glass of water is considered to be 8 oz.  So, this 26 oz (750mL) bottle equals more than three glasses.  If you are supposed to have eight glasses a day, this bottle makes it so easy!
Do you have a go-to bottle or something that you use to make it easier to drink water or shakes? 

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