Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Hot Mess Needs A Change!

The time has come.  I am over my hair. OVER it. We are through and I need a change.  I used to switch up my hairstyle and cut about every 6-8 months, but I have been sporting the long hair now for years. Yes it's beautiful, but I am so ready for a change!  Now, I am not talking colour.  I love my red hair and have never coloured it.  Until my few greys turn into many, I am staying au naturel.  
But, a cut is necessary.  I am a serious hot mess right with grown out bangs and non-existent layers. This is what I am resorting to:

 I am over the length and want something lighter, easier to manage and more fun!  I have been putting together some inspiration and ideas on a Pinterest board.  I am thinking of something that keeps a bit of length, but takes some serious inches off.  Layers definitely, but I might switch up the fringe. 
Any suggestions? I'd love to hear if you like any of my pictures and ideas or if you think I should get something completely different.  All I know for sure is that some scissors need to come at this hot mess.  And fast.


  1. I love the Jennifer Aniston cut, very versatile! Love the Reese Witherspoon one too!

  2. Change is ALWAYS good! I think the first one is dead sexy, sorry don't know the "personalities" names so well. I personally am sporting a semi Heidi Klum look and loving it, super easy to do! Val xo


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