Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Katy Perry's PRISM

Katy Perry's third studio album was released this week and yes, I've already listened to it many times!  I was a bit nervous for Prism to come out, because I have loved both One of the Boys and Teenage Dream so much, that I didn't know how another record could possibly compare.  Well.  It does. 
Katy has always relied on elaborate costumes, sets and gimmicks.  With Prism, she washes all that away and strongly stands on her own.  All songs were written by Katy and she co-executive produced the album.  Although it still sounds very much like her previous work, there's a more adult, mature, experienced woman behind the mic.  She's a great singer who paints a vivid picture in every track. 
So far, my favourites are Roar (such a powerful anthem), This is How We Do (fabulous party song), Ghost (a haunting account of her divorce with Russel Brand) and By the Grace of God (a beautiful story of how she pulled through). 
Can you tell I like it? ;)
Also, I have listened to Dark Horse on repeat, sorry I'm not sorry:

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