Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Questionnaire

Here's another Tuesday Questionnaire with questions taken from this YouTube tag.

1: Can you swim well? Yes
2: Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? Random question, yes!
3: Are you patient?  Not at all.
4: DJ or band, at a wedding? DJ for sure. I love recognizing songs and being able to request songs for a good dance-off!
5: Ever won a contest? Yes:)  It's funny, we do giveaways every morning on our radio show and so when I actually get to enter a contest, it's so much fun!  Last year I entered a contest in our local paper and was the person who correctly predicted the winners at the Grammys.  I won a $500 gc to the mall.  Yes, it was one fancy shopping spree;)
6: Ever have plastic surgery? Nope.
7: Which are better black or green olives? Ew, neither.  Just the smell of olives makes me sick.
8:Can you knit or crochet? When I was 18 I crocheted my mum a scarf, which she still uses every winter.  But I could not remember how to do it if I tried!
9: Best room for a fireplace? Living room or bedroom.  Or, if we are getting really fancy...bathroom.  Imagine having a bath with a fire next to you? Ohhh heaven!
10: Do you want to get married? No thank you, once was enough ;)

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