Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mmmm Delicious!

I have been experimenting lately to find healthy alternatives to some of my favourite foods.  I am a snacker.  I would rather have little meals throughout the day than a few large ones.  That being said, the snacks I like to reach for are sometimes not the best.  So, I thought I would share some of my newest faves!
This is Sally's Cereals Chai Spiced hot oatmeal.  I found it at WalMart for $2.89.  What?!? I like that I can recognize all the ingredients, for one thing.  Also, it's filling and yummy; it's the perfect hot breakfast for these cold mornings.  Also, it's easy and convenient, coming in individual packages.  I have it at work every morning.
These are Terra Sweets and Beets chips.  Again, I can recognize all the ingredients and there are just a few.  They are a pricey alternative to chips, costing close to $5 a bag.  They are tasty though and not nearly as salty.  I tried the Mediterranean ones as well and wasn't a fan. 
Can you believe it's been ten days since I had a cup of coffee? Me!?!? What?!? I just needed to cut back on the caffeine and although I am not cutting it out completely, I am impressed how good I feel.  I have been loving Earl Grey and Joy teas a lot.  As a treat, I get the tea lattes from Starbucks with non fat milk and sugar free vanilla. Yum!
This Humm! hummus is seriously delicious.  It has roasted pine nuts as a yummy garnish.  I think this was about $2.89 at WalMart.  I like to dip veggies or crackers in it and also as a sandwich or wrap spread.
And finally, just beans in general.  I am slowly cutting down the amount of meat I eat and have been substituting with all kinds of beans.  At first we didn't think it would be as filling but I find them more satisfying! You can buy them dried and cook them, but I choose the cans for about 80 cents a pop and just rinse them really well under cold water before using.

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