Sunday, November 3, 2013


For the month of October I was raising money for the BC Cancer Foundation in the 30 Minute Hit Kick the $%#$@ Out of Cancer campaign.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported me! 
 I managed to work out 13 times in October and I felt the support of so many people every time I hit those bags and held those exercises.  I am still loving 30 Minute Hit, trying to go three to four times a week.  It's such a fun, challenging workout and easy to make time for. 
 We held a men's night as a fundraiser and Jeremy even tried the circuit!  He was feeling it after and it was funny to see him realize what I do every week.  Tough cookie. 
Again, I am honoured and thankful to everyone who donated and supported me.  I think making your health is a priority is important and something not enough of us do.  Life is busy, stressful and a constant balance of time and responsibility.  I consistently refer to 30 Minute Hit as 'My Happy Place'.  If you would like to donate to help women's cancer research here's my page:) Thanks again everyone.  Let's keep kicking! 

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