Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review: Britney Jean

I was joking with my husband Jeremy that Britney could release an album of herself singing the alphabet and I would still love it.  But I will be a little less biased, and let you know what I think of her latest album: Britney Jean.  
Ok, I love it.  Even though I am a massive Britney fan and have been ever since her first song was released, with that fandom comes high expectations.  I expect Britney to be better and evolve with every album.  I know, it's a bit much to ask for!
But, Britney Jean does not disappoint!  She sounds more mature and seasoned, taking risks with lyrics and beats.  Her voice sounds rich and like she's been working on her vocals.  There are writing credits on Britney Jean and she's been quoted as saying this is her most personal record yet.  I love that!  It must be incredibly nerve-wracking to put yourself out there.  I especially love Tik Tik Boom, Perfume, Alien and of course, Work B*tch.
She's a seasoned vetran of the music industry but instead of playing it safe and sticking with what is proven successful, she continues to push the envelope and blaze her own trail. 
Yes, it gets a thumbs up from me! 

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