Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tips for New Years Resolutions

Usually around this time of year I am itching to make new goals for what lies ahead.  I like to reflect on the year that was and look to what's coming.  I know there is controversy over New Year's Resolutions, but I think it's always positive to set attainable goals and I love to do it!

First, to look back on 2013.  My 2013's New Year's Resolutions were four parts, and even though at some points in the year they weren't the easiest goals to keep, I can confidently say, I rocked them! Well, "to slow down" continues to be a work in progress ;)

If you are looking to set New Years Resolutions, I have a few tips.

- set attainable, specific goals
- make a plan on how you can achieve those goals
- check in on yourself, maybe on the same day every month
- don't be too hard on yourself, as you never know what 2014 may bring
- tell people your goals to give yourself accountability

Tomorrow I will be posting my goals for this year!  

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  1. I like the message on that top. Good for you with the goals. Keep on working at the 'Slowing Down'. Your Dec. was anything but slow. I couldn't find the link to your day timer. So glad you achieved your 2013 goals - it's a great feeling. Love, Mum xx


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