Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Grocery/Menu Planner

I was given a grocery/menu planner as a gift and used it every single week without fail until every page was filled.  Imagine my disappointment a few weeks ago when I finished the book, went to find a replacement, only to discover they aren't made anymore.  I looked high and low for a perfect planner and just couldn't find one.  Many are HUGE and impractical.  
So, I decided to put my DIY skills to use!  
My aunt, the same one who gave me the original, found these printouts online.  Genius! 
I chose the one I liked best and cut it down to size.  I figured I wouldn't want to carry around a full-sized binder while doing groceries.

I had a bit of a tough time finding this smaller binder, striking out at a few dollar stores and Wal-Mart.  But I came across this gem on clearance at Staples for $1.97!
I am so pleased with this DIY project!  My aunt said she just Google'd 'grocery and menu planning' and then sifted through Google Images until she found one that suited our needs.  I like this one in particular because I like to menu plan every week.  Also, it's handy to look back and see meal ideas when I am feeling uninspired! 
Let me know if you use this DIY idea or how you plan menus/grocery shop. Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!


  1. Fabulous. Good for Auntie Anna and for you to make it work so well for you. So glad you are doing the menu planning. Love, xx


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