Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Fashion

 Being the award show junkie that I am, I cleared my schedule last night to tune into the Golden Globes.  I love this show in particular because it brings television and movies together in a pretty relaxed atmosphere.  Also, you know it...I tune in to the Globes for the FASHION!!  There were some definite trends last night and one was very short hair!  Everyone from Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson to Jennifer Lawrence.  I don't think I could pull it off, but I love the short look mixed with a gown.  Gorgeous!
There were also a lot of women wearing white, nudes and muted tones.  Some of the stand outs to me were the first dresses we saw hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in, as you can see above.
There were also a lot of sequins, but not in a this-is-my-figure-skating-costume way!  They were somehow classy and fabulous as you can see on the above right with Kate Beckinsale.  I thought Margot Robbie looked stunning in her cream dress.  And the older women I think stole the show with their age appropriate yet beautiful and current styles.  I included Emma Thompson as an example but there were many more.  
The younger women were also stunning but I just have to laugh at this.  I love Jennifer Lawrence as an accomplished actress and everything she stands for personally.  She usually kills it fashion-wise and last night I think she wore a dress only she could pull off.  Or maybe she and Ariel could pull off...
Who were YOUR faves last night?

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  1. I like your comments. Is that Emma Thompson in the centre? I agree with you about the age appropriate dress if so. I like her hairstyle too. You can tell me when we chat. xx


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