Monday, January 27, 2014

MareReviews: Grammy Fashion 2014

 These five beautiful women knocked it out of the park last night at the Grammys.  I wasn't expecting to see Julia Roberts but she made a surprise appearance on stage, looking as gorgeous as ever. I just love her seemingly effortless style and poise.  Miranda Lambert has been working to get healthier and last night it showed.  She looked absolutely stunning in that red gown with a more mature look.
Then there are these three.  I love the way all three of these women did white, creamy, nude shades in simple yet gorgeous ways.  Katy Perry always seems to wear something with a theme or gimmick and this music note dress was no exception, but it was like she moved on air.  Beyonce. I mean, bow down.  This was Taylor Swift's dress she wore to perform and Jeremy commented she looked like a ghost on stage. So light and beautiful.  
Who were your faves last night?

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