Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nail of the Day

Behold this beauty.  Today's Nail of the Day holds a record for most consecutive times I painted my nails in one colour.  I NEVER use the same polish two applications in a row.  But this one has now been my polish of choice FOUR times in a row!  That is obviously saying something!  This is Chanel's Rouge Noir and was a lovely Christmas gift from my friend Shannon.  She has fabulous taste:)  I use two coats and honestly the first isn't great at all.  But magic happens during that second coat to create a creamy, opaque, glossy look that has me hooked!  I usually say it's not worth splurging on high-end products, but if you feel like treating yourself or need something to ask for on a gift list, do yourself a favour and get this! 


  1. Love the color but it looks like it gets on the cuticle so easily!

  2. Very sophisticated. This week I am wearing Toffee by Mary Kay. It is a caramel colour and as it's darker than usual for me I am feeling quite daring! Love,xx


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