Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nail of the Day

 Today's Nail of the Day is my first ever polish from Lise Watier.  It was a gift sent to me by a lovely subscriber, Kaylyn.  She sent it as a Valentine!  How cute is that? (She also sent some chocolates which were devoured instantly;)  
This colour is Rose Frimas.  Kaylyn said she thought it would suit my colouring and it absolutely does. It's a beautiful mauve that I think could be pulled off any month of the year.  Also happens to be perfect for Valentine's Day!  It's just a little bit different than any other purple shade of polish I have.  The application was smooth and simple and hasn't chipped in days.  A great first impression! 
 There is one quirky component to this polish.  It comes with a light!  It shines down the brush onto your nail to make application easier.  I didn't find it made painting my nails any simpler, but I do enjoy the gimmick! 
Have you tried anything from Lise Watier? 


  1. Such a pretty color. The flash light is interesting. I have a lip gloss like that, I don't usually apply lip gloss in the dark, so I never use it, lol. Like you said though it's a cool gimmick.

  2. A very pretty colour which does suit you. I have never tried anything by that co. Always good to use something made in the USA or Canada. Got to support those jobs! xx


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