Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pics Lately

Here's another Pics Lately post!  In case you don't follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, here are some pics I've posted lately.  The above is from last night when I did a little pampering to feel better. I am so sick of being sick! I had a nice long hot shower, did a face mask, exfoliated, then used some nice products after the shower. 
 One thing that's really bothering me about being sick is how little I can go to my beloved 30 Minute Hit.  I went a couple times last week and it felt so great, but then I got a fever.  Perhaps a little overzealous to go before feeling better!  But, I was happy to wear my Justin Kripps Bobsleigh shirt, supporting a guy I used to ride the bus to school with who is now competing in Sochi.
 Last week I covered the news casts for our sister radio station and that meant getting to work at 4am.  Needless to say I brought my makeup in and did it about an hour and half later!
 I am trying to get better about washing my makeup brushes.  A product I am liking will be in my February Favourites video.
 If I do say so myself, I have been nailing dinners lately!  I think I might do a whole video on my current favourite recipes.  This photo above is rosemary chicken, roasted yam and corn.
 This bracelet is from Le Cheap C'est Chic and was a fundraiser for a local family whose very young daughter is going through cancer treatment. I love the bracelet and what it stands for.
 Sunshine is so rare in the winter where I live so when it does peek through, I shove T out the door!
We had friends over and played Friends Scene It recently.  It was a lot of fun...except for the fact that Jeremy won ;)

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  1. Nice tray of veggies and dip! Good snack choice. Fun to have friends over. Your pampering night was a good idea. Hope Justin did well. Love, xxx


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