Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion Faux Pas?

This photo cracks me up.  I took this selfie the other morning thinking I was just going to post an innocent OOTD because I was feeling cute.  Then I looked closer and realized there are no less than THREE fashion faux pas in this outfit!  But somehow, I think it still works! I am such a rule breaker ;) Let me break down my rebellion:

#1: Don't pair black with navy.  
I love this pairing!  My Aerosole boots are black and I am wearing Le Cheap C'est Chic navy tights. I think the navy is a fun neutral but adds a little interest instead of boring black tights. 

#2: Don't mix metals.  
Mix away ladies! I am wearing a gold chain necklace from Forever 21, rose gold arrow ring that was a gift from a friend and the dress, also from Le Cheap C'est Chic, has silver metal detailing. I think this works! I love to mix metals and play with accessories. I think these work because they are all streamlined, nothing is too chunky or overpowering.  They all compliment each other nicely.

#3:  Don't mix patterns.  
Why not? I think this skull scarf from Winners adds a nice pop of colour to this neutral outfit.  Again, the key is to keep the patterns complimentary and not clashing.  If the stripes were huge and the scarf was loud, it wouldn't work.

Clearly I ignore the fashion experts! I think this works and looks cute. I felt great wearing this outfit and isn't that what matters most?


  1. You look great too because you were sensible!!!

  2. If you're happy with it, it works. We can all be too picky sometimes with ourselves. Love, xx


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