Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Favourites


  1. Your make up looks good, dear. That is a very pretty lipstick for you. I need something brighter, but that looks lovely on you. We must have bought cosmetic pads from London Drugs and they are very good, too. I have no idea of the price. They are made in the US. Yeah!, not China and are called Naturals; 100 to a tube. The colour and writing are in a bright green. I find ammonia is great for getting hairbrushes and make up brushes grease free and clean. It's really cheap and lasts ages. Just put a couple of drops in a little hot water in the bathroom sink, don't breathe in the fumes, swish the brushes around, ending with the mascara brush, rinse off and leave to air dry. The powder brush and blush brush should be left over the edge of the sink so the bristles don't flatten out. Love, xx

  2. So glad you're liking the Can't Cook Book! xo. K


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