Thursday, March 27, 2014

How I Ate Healthy Last Week

 Last week we were away from home for about ten days. Usually I use being away from home or on vacation as an excuse to eat whatever I want and indulge. 
But, this time was different.
When we were away for Christmas I ate whatever I wanted, as much as I felt like and didn't exercise at all.  Getting back into my workout and healthy eating routine was rough. In fact, I got sick and missed a couple weeks of my workout.  Both Jer and I felt sluggish and gross for weeks. I made sure not to repeat that on this trip.
**Instead of opting for chips, fast food and licorice, I planned ahead and made road trip snacks.  We had fresh juice, water, bananas, apples and kale chips.  
**I also opted to bring along my juicer.  We were driving, so it was not a problem to pack along the machine and I was happy to have it.  It was nice to have fresh juice to keep me going and fill me up, as well as ensure I was getting the nutrients necessary to continue with My Way to a Healthy Life
**Also, I've been having 100 oz of water a day and found this easy to stick to.  I am going to write an entire blog post on this soon, so stay tuned!
**I have joined a free online fitness and health group which provided daily motivation and commitment.  I highly recommend you contact Alyssa to join in.  
**When travelling I find it virtually impossible to avoid eating out.  We hit Wendy's multiple times.  Before leaving I asked Alyssa for advice on what to eat out and she suggested getting a grilled chicken burger, no bun, with bottled water, green salad with Light Ranch dressing and a baked potato with just scallions.  I added some of the Light Ranch to the potato as well.  Extremely filling.  I also chose to have Booster Juice a couple times with their freshly made juices and tried a protein shake from there too.  Definitely not the best as there is frozen yogurt in it, but filled me up and felt better than having greasy food.  Which, to  be honest, we did get McDonald's once when there were no other options.  Ew. This might be TMI, but my body rejected it for about a day and a half.  
Lesson learned.
**I am trying to eat more protein, so I tried a smoothie at Starbucks with protein in it.  Delicious and filling!  It was a much better choice than a scone and mocha.
**One day we had to eat in a food court and I managed to find some greek yogurt with quinoa (amazing by the way) and a fresh salad.
I still can't believe how much healthy food I was able to eat.  Sometimes it took a bit more work to make smart choices but I feel better for it:)
How do you eat healthy when away from home?                       

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