Thursday, March 6, 2014

What a Difference a Scarf Makes

The easiest way to dress up an outfit, look pulled together and add a pop of colour is a scarf.
It's the simplest accessory and is perfect for us busy women!
Let me show you:
Here I am wearing a nude shirt.  It's bland and boring. 
But, add in this infinity scarf and I feel like my face looks less pasty white and warmer.  I like how the colours blend and change subtly with the heart detailing.  It screams spring and exudes love without me having to say a word. 
 This one is darker, but I love how it brings out my deep blue eyes.  It reminds me of a Burberry plaid, classic but super easy to throw on. 
Fun fact: this navy number isn't an infinity scarf.  It's tied at the ends to create a loop.  This makes it much easier to keep the style in place, without it sliding around and looking messy.
I hope this is simple and helpful!
Thanks to Le Cheap C'est Chic for the idea and for the scarves:) 


  1. They both look good and dress up the neutral top. I must admit I usually wear a scarf for warmth and comfort, especially in windy Penticton, but I do try and match them with whatever I happen to be wearing. I haven't gone in for the bigger, modern scarves as I feel I tend to look "top heavy" as it is. Love, xx

  2. I am a scarf-aholic from wayyy back! Love them-all year round. Looking good Mare!

  3. After wearing the 100% pashmina Scarf, elegant look is driven, a women looks more beautiful as compare to a women who is not wearing any scarf.


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