Thursday, April 10, 2014

MareReads: Barbara Walters

I thought it would be timely for me to share my thoughts on this memoir as Barbara Walters announced Monday she will be officially stepping away from television May 16th.  She will still make appearances as the news warrants, but I mean, the woman is in her 80s...time for a break! 
Audition is a few years old now and it's a hefty read.  If possible, read this on your Kindle, Kobo or iPad!
I didn't grow up watching Barbara Walters and I have never been a huge fan of The View.  But, I still found this book to be a fabulous read, as a woman.  She has overcome so many obstacles and blaring sexism in her career.  Something that wildly struck me was how often I am still hit over the head with similar sexism.  Times may have changed friends, but it's still there and still a battle.  
It's also a time travel trip through decades of our world's biggest events that found Walters dead center.  She's interviewed everyone from celebs to presidents to athletes to everyday people.  She also talks about her personal struggles and the aspects of her unbiased self that we never saw in the news.  (We see a bit more now on The View.)  
If you like pop culture and history and want to hear some behind the scenes tales, this book is for you.  Like I said, I am not even a massive fan and I still really enjoyed it. 
I think she's an institution and she's changed the face of television and news, blazing the trail for women just like myself.  

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