Monday, April 21, 2014

Pics Lately

 In case you don't follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, here's the latest batch of Pics Lately! 
The above is from a week ago when I finished the Jennifer Weiner book (great chick lit) and started Something Borrowed.  That one made me stay up much too late last night!  A nice, easy bedtime read.
 Getting used to my short hair.  It's funny how much more time I have in the mornings...
 Thomas couldn't wait to dive into this book by Elle and Blair ;)
 We had a quick trip to Vancouver and even though we didn't get in a long visit, I had to stop in and give Emilie a big hug!
 I felt like such an adult buying these flowers to plant.  Would you believe they are still alive?
 My little love bug holding mama's hand.
 We celebrated the long weekend by having our first ice cream of the season!
 I just love a fresh notebook. This Kate Spade one is from Chapters.
 I recently did a huge purge of my nail polish collection and was happy to see my extra bottles go to some happy homes:) I also shot a nail polish organization video which will be up soon!
We took a family trip to our local store for Record Store Day.  I did a video showing which record I bought. I was very excited!

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