Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

Hello and Happy Saturday!  I am starting a new feature here on MaresPlace and today is the inaugural post.  I love giving credit where it is due and feel like showing appreciation for the little things in life is incredibly important.  So, Saturdays will now be dedicated to me giving a shout out!  It can be a person, a product, a tv show, an event, a food, anything!  I will be giving a shout out to something/someone that is making my life a little brighter or easier or lighter. You will notice I like to pinpoint the little things in life and take a moment to value their role.
What can you give a shout out to?  I would love to hear your Shout Out Saturdays too.  Come back to see what I am recognizing every Saturday and then tell me your's too!  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  #shoutoutsaturday
So, preamble over!  On to the first-ever Shout Out Saturday:
Today's Shout Out Saturday goes to Sophie. 
Yes, this little teething toy is still getting love in our house.  You can read another Mama Mare Must Have blog post I wrote two years ago about this lil nugget.  Initially I thought this was on over-produced toy that was just something we all got suckered in to. 
No longer do I think that.  
I LOVE Sophie and the relief she continues to bring Thomas as he gets his molars. He's been teething again for the better part of the month and the biting this toy has endured without so much of a dent is admirable. 
I love Sophie and am thankful for her existence in our home. 
As for the teething...well that could end any time ;)

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