Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

Welcome to another Shout Out Saturday!  Today I am acknowledging something that's probably been a long time coming. 
I like red wine. 
Why is this getting a Shout Out?  Well, I've lived in wine country now for about 15 years have never been able to enjoy wine.  I also found it headache-inducing, too tart, too sweet or just not enjoyable. 
Until now.  It's funny to say this, but as soon as I turned 30, something in my palate changed.  Now, I just love me some red!  I searched back through my Instagram and wine pictures started popping up not long after my 30th bday:

I don't have a particular red that I like or don't like.  Do you?  Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not drinking it every day!  But when the occasion warrants, I do enjoy a glass of red now and then ;)

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