Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review: The Fault in Our Stars

 I put off reading this book for soooooooo long!  I saw so many people say that they were reading it and they loved it but I was a skeptic.  The premise made me nervous:  
Two teenagers meet in a cancer support group and fall for each other.  
Does it come with kleenex? 
 Then I saw the preview for the movie which comes out this weekend and the PREVIEW made me ugly cry.  Uh oh.  But a friend of mine finished it and said it wasn't as upsetting as I thought.  And it's not.  I read The Fault In Our Stars in five days.  It's writing style is so easy to follow, yet thought-provoking and unique.  This book by John Green is incredibly refreshing.  Yes it's got a heavy subject, but whose life doesn't have something heavy?  I loved how he brought the two main characters to life, showing them living their lives despite the pain they are in.  It's such an incredible tale of following your heart and not caring if you stand out in the crowd.  Yes I shed a few tears, but it was worth it.  The Fault in Our Stars opens this weekend and I will be going to the movie, sans mascara with a huge box of kleenex!

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