Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

A stranger asked me recently what I like to do in my spare time and I replied, "make YouTube videos". The blank look returned was hilarious. It is tough to explain to someone who isn't part of the YouTube community why we do what we do. Regardless, I love it! I turn to YouTube in a range of moods. When I need my day to be brightened there are a few solid contributors I love. 
I want to include some of my favourite YouTubers in this series and instead of just rambling off a list, I am going to feature them one at a time sporadically.
Today we start with Thaila
She's just lovely. Is that a good enough description? ;) On her website Thaila describes herself as:
Short. Collects sunsets. Loves tea. Tends to squee a lot over various things. Battled Crohn's disease. Had ostomy surgery. Getting married in September. Makes YouTube videos. Trying to get fit and healthy. Scared of ants. Enjoys watching movies.
I love watching Thaila's videos. They range from health to favourites to ostomy to vlogs to her wedding planning and everything in between. She is one of the most positive and chill people I watch and I love her videos when I need a pick-me-up. Popping on one of her videos feels like chatting with a friend over tea.  She's been through more health-wise than most people and is using her past to help others with awareness and community. We've become internet friends and if it wasn't for the pesky ocean in our way, I am sure we'd be friends in real life. The editing is fabulous and I have no idea how she whips together such great graphics on both her videos and social media photos.  If you are looking for a little positivity and inspiration, check out Thaila.  Here is one of the videos she posted this week:

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