Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

Happy Weekend!  This week's Shout Out Saturday is all about my love for the notebook:
No, not The Notebook the movie, although I love that too!  I am talking about the notebook.  The lined paper notebook.  The spiral notebook.  The cheapy from WalMart and the Kate Spade from Chapters.  I love me a good notebook.  (Yes I said that!) 
Jeremy said to me the other night, "you have such a love for notebooks".  Is it that obvious? ;)  I am never not with my notebook.  Yes I realize I could make a list on my phone, but there is just something so incredibly satisfying about physically crossing items off a list.  No matter how trivial, it feels great!  I guess this could also be all about my love of the list!  Whether it's for groceries, to-do, what to film, additions to my monthly favourites, questions for an interview or anything in between.  I love a notebook and a love a good list.  I also think it's great for the mind to make a list.  If there are a lot weighing on my mind and I can't keep track of everything, I write it down.  Once it's on paper I no longer have to be constantly thinking about it.  Try making a list in a fresh new notebook.  I bet it makes you feel better ;)

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  1. I too share your love of notebooks and lists! Not alot of us left.. notebook lover unite hahah


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