Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

For this week's shout out, I am talking about my favourite greek yogurt.  Actually, this is probably only one of two greek yogurts I've tried that I've actually liked.  I find greek yogurt to be an acquired tasted and some are pretty terrible.  I like it for its protein content.  I wish the calories were a bit less, but this Krema yogurt is by far my fave! 
You can find it in vanilla or regular flavoured.  The vanilla is so sweet and flavourful that it can pass for a delicious dessert.  I like to pair the yogurt with any kind of fruit: 
The original flavour is quite tart and definitely needs fruit.  It's great with apples and a bit of cinnamon. Mix that with the vanilla and it tastes like apple pie!  This yogurt is one of my favourite pre-workout snacks or afternoon snacks.  Fun fact:  Krema is pretty pricey at most stores, except Walmart.  It's less than $4 at Walmart but I've seen it run as high as $7 at other stores!


  1. I like Source Greek yougurt, it has 50 calories per 100gr and I by it at Walmart. At Walmart sometimes the flavour choices are limited but other grocery stores carry it. It is made by Yoplait.
    I like the strawberry and the peach.

  2. I love this yogurt too. Especially in the summer with our fresh Okanagan peaches and blueberries. I also like the plain yogurt mixed with honey, almonds and fruit. It's still a little tart but so good.


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