Thursday, June 12, 2014

What the Scale?!?!

Today's post is for anyone who is trying to get healthy or stay healthy.  Are you weighing yourself? When I was doing Weight Watchers a couple years ago, I weighed in every Monday morning.  It's tough to get out of that habit!  I'd heard a lot that it's terrible to be a 'slave to the scale'.  We should all throw out our scales and be liberated!  
Well, that's great, but I still want to know how I'm doing as I try to lose weight on My Way to a Healthy Life.  It's funny...I weigh myself but don't actually have a specific number in mind that is my goal weight.  
Anyway, I've been juicing and working out and really working on eating healthy.  I even decided to treat myself to a fancy digital scale!  I bought it at Target a couple months ago:
I've been weighing myself and getting increasingly discouraged as the number was never dropping.  Now I know I am building muscle and my body is shifting as things lift and shrink and sculpt.  But, being that girl who's always watched the scale was disheartening.  
Then, last week one morning I weighed myself four times and got four different numbers in a TWENTY pound range.  
Ummm, what? 
No. Seriously. What? 
Then I started to wonder if something was wrong with my fancy new digital scale.  Then I wondered if I was going crazy, blaming the technicalities of a scale. 
After letting the thought marinate for a few days, I finally went to the thrift store to see what I would weigh on a non-digital, old-school scale. Much better!  Jeremy weighed himself on both scales as well (just to make sure I wasn't crazy!) and it was the same for him. 
A TEN pound difference!
  So, I am  back to using an old-school scale.  I was already feeling good knowing that I am eating healthier and exercising, slowly working on My Way to a Healthy Life.  But it's nice to have a reliable scale to step on once in a while;) 

(Side note: I am going to do a video on this in the next week with photos and more details, but I also HIGHLY recommend taking progress pictures and measuring yourself.)

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