Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

Welcome to another random yet fun Shout Out Saturday!  I mentioned this in my June Favourites Video but I thought it deserved its own shout out.  This is my current bookmark.  It was a gift from a generous colleague of mine that he bought at a fundraiser for our annual Radiothon.  A local calligraphers guild sells these to raise money for our local hospitals, writing whatever word you want on the bookmark.  Obviously, I opted for 'love'.  I received this bookmark on May 3rd and have been noting on the back the books I've read since:
  My colleague Ryan had a similar bookmark last year and he tallied the number of books he read in a year which I thought was a great idea.  I am doing it a bit differently as you can see and writing out the title of each book.  I've never tracked my reading before and so far, I am loving it!  I've read six books since May 3rd and have just started my seventh.  This will also make it easier to recommend a book to friends as well as note my books of the year in my 2014 Favourites Video.  Do you keep track of the books you read?  I am really enjoying this so far! Book Nerds unite! 

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