Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

This week's Shout Out Saturday is extremely timely as this lil gem arrives tonight for a five day visit!  Jess has been my close friend for nine years.  We have matching tattoos. She was my Maid of Honour, I was her's and is the person I've spoken to a few times almost every week for years.  What's unique about our friendship though is that we've only lived in the same city for about five months.
Actually, there are many unique aspects of our strong bond.  Jess and I were at BCIT at the exact same time, studying every day in the same building but never crossed paths.  We even had a class together but never met!  She did her practicum at the radio station I was working at and in that short month, our love blossomed:)  I am very picky with my friendships and Jess stood out immediately.  She moved on but ended up taking a job at my radio station the next year and moved in with me for five glorious months before I took another job in another city.  That's it.  We've only lived in the same town for a few months yet our friendship has been steady ever since.
Jess has been on the other end of hundreds of hours of conversations, emails and texts, never complaining when I lament over the same things constantly.  But, she's one of the few people who will call me out on things and I really respect that.  Jess is straight-up and will tell me if something is wrong.  No games played with this one, which I love!  She taught me how to scrapbook and drink wine and is always ready to watch an awards show.  I am so excited for the next five days with this Saucy Wench, to meet her daughter for the first time, to see our kids play together and for hours of girl talk.  When it comes to friendships love the saying, "I'd rather have ten dimes than a hundred pennies".  Jess is definitely a dime.  
A ten :)

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  1. True friends are hard to find. Enjoy your time!


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