Monday, August 11, 2014

Quick Tips for a Surprise Party

This past weekend I helped throw a surprise party for my friend Loni.  We pulled it off without her suspecting a thing!  I thought I would share some tips on how we successfully surprised her.  It can be nerve-wracking to try to surprise someone but it CAN be done!
Throw the party WELL in advance of their special day.  Loni's birthday wasn't for another 11 days so we were able to catch her off guard.  I think throwing the party on someone's actual birthday is much more difficult because as the days nears, they might pick up on subtle signs more easily.
If you can, plan something else around the same time to  keep their mind occupied.  Loni's family held a garage sale on Saturday morning so her mind was only thinking of that last week and the day of.  She wouldn't have picked up on any subtle hints because she was so focussed on the sale.
Tell as few people as possible.  Whenever anyone asked me what I was doing Saturday I was very vague and didn't mention the party.  It isn't that I don't trust my friends and family.  It's more that it was easier to have less people in the know.  And the less people who have to lie to the birthday girl/boy. This probably goes without saying, but don't tell children. Just don't.
Plan something for the birthday boy/girl that ensures they are away during the party prep.  Saturday I took Loni to a movie matinee.  A few years ago I took a friend for a pedicure.  For Jeremy's surprise 30th birthday party I got his boss to schedule him to work. On a Saturday. Yeah, I did!  This way you can easily prepare the space for the party, get the food ready, decorations up etc without worrying that they will spontaneously show up.
Hope these help!  Surprise parties are so much fun :)

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