Monday, September 22, 2014

20th Anniversary of Friends Debut

Can you believe today is the 20th anniversary of the day the first ever episode of Friends aired?  In 1994 I definitely was not allowed to watch this show, but I now own all ten seasons and couldn't even estimate how many times I've watched the series in its entirety.  It is such a smart, engaging show that every time I watch the series, a different character emerges as a stand-out.  I think most people can relate to a part of each of the main six.  Honestly, watching Friends is like comfort food to me.  I gravitate towards the gang when I need something on the tv to relax or for a good laugh.  It's mind-boggling how many times I've watched the series, yet it still makes me laugh out loud!  
Who is your favourite?  Do you have a favourite episode? 
I can't actually pick one episode because there are so many gems!
But here is a definite stand out:
I have a feeling I am going to take a break from Netflix and bust out my DVDs to watch the series all over again. 
oxox Mare

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