Saturday, September 20, 2014

Headphones With Heart

This week's Shout Out Saturday is one that I could gush about for hours.  I first mentioned these in my Vegas Haul, but I had to dedicate an entire blog post to them!  
These are my LSTN headphones.  I first heard about LSTN in a commercial that airs before many YouTube videos.  It's actually explaining how well YouTube advertising works, which is ironic because I was instantly hooked!  The ad begins with a woman hearing for the first time as her cochlear implant is activated.  It makes me tear up every time. 
With every pair of headphones sold, LSTN helps restore the hearing of a person in need.  In under two years, LSTN has been able to give the gift of sound to over 15,000 people in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda. The Starkey Hearing Foundation is nothing short of amazing and inspiring.  With our Canadian health care system, we often take for granted what others can never imagine. After reading their story and what they stood for, I knew I HAD to get my hands on a pair!
Coincidentally, I have been wanting a new pair of cans for about six months.  As a music lover and radio dj, I am incredibly picky about sound quality and so when I listened to these I was THRILLED at how great they sound!  My headphones are the Beech Wood Troubadours.  Each pair is made from real wood and there are many variations to choose from.  They also have smaller headphones and earbuds. (In case you are wondering, LSTN has no idea who I am, I am just in love with them!) If you are looking for good quality headphones with heart, I recommend LSTN.  It feels good knowing I have helped such an important cause, close to my heart.  Plus, it makes my Taylor Swift sound incredible! ;)
oxox Mare

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  1. The difference in sound quality between a good headphone and an iffy one isn't subtle. It's definitely worth a little extra effort to have reduced amount of outside noise.


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