Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Huge September Empties

I often feel like a crazy person, keeping my trash and then talking about it on the internet.  But, it is satisfying to see that I actually do use up products.  Doing these monthly empties videos has really helped me take better inventory of what I buy.  

For example, I never have more than two or three candles ready to be lit.  I like to burn what I have and then go back to the store to stock up.  You might be mistaken, considering how many Bath and Body Works hauls you see on my channel.  But I am using the products, and these videos keep me accountable.  

I have also noticed my makeup purchases have decreased significantly.  It takes forever to finish a product, so why not enjoy it and use it, instead of rushing on to the next thing?  

I had a lovely comment on this video from Tracy:

I am always SO excited to see your empties videos on my newsfeed (well any of your videos, really - let's be honest)! Another amazing empties video! You always inspire me to use up what I actually have instead of buying new products! Hugs!

Thanks Tracy! I hope many of you feel the same way. Even if you aren't going to film yourself, keep those empties for a while and reflect. Did you like it?  Was it a pain to finish? You may also feel a sense of accomplishment, finishing something:) 
oxox Mare

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