Monday, September 29, 2014

Mare's Music Monday

I almost fell off my chair when I first stumbled across news that these two had teamed up to create a new group with an album coming.  I've been a fan of both Pink and Dallas Green of City and Colour for years and now to hear that they have created You + Me is unbelievable! 
You + Me has an album out October 14th, just a few short weeks away, and they already have released two songs, You and Me & Break the Cycle.  It's definitely a different sound for Pink, with a more folk, acoustic vibe.  The tone is very calming.  I hope in future songs Dallas' voice is highlighted because I think he's equally talented.  Rose Ave will be an album I buy the day it's released. 
This is a very telling video as they explain how the group came to be:

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