Monday, September 8, 2014

Nail of the Day

It's been a while since I've posted a Nail of the Day, so I thought I would share a polish I tried recently. This is Midnight Cami from Essie.  It is a beautiful deep navy blue colour.  I love that it almost looks black but has a hint of blue.  What you are seeing in this photo is one coat.  ONE!  It would be a great polish to put on if you are in a rush.  I am not the most proficient at applying nail polish, but hopefully you can ignore that! 
I really loved this polish and am loving Essie in general lately.  It was eye-catching, easy to apply and unique.  My only problem with the colour is that it stained my nails.  I used a base coat, but it still made my nails blue.  That was disappointing.  But, I used pale purple and blue to paint my nails after this shade it was completely fine.  You can't see the stained blue at all.  
My overall verdict?  I will be keeping this colour and I predict it will be a staple in my fall rotation.  A little staining can't scare me ;)

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  1. Lovely!! You have a nice tidy nail shape, I'd love to watch a video on how you shape your nails etc.
    Best wishes from the UK.


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