Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nail of the Day

Today's Nail of the Day was clearly impossible to photograph! No matter what light or angles I tried, it was so difficult to truly capture this shade by Essie.  Eternal Optimist is a recent purchase of mine but has quickly become a favourite.  I wore this for two weeks straight.  This never happens! I painted my nails the same colour over and over I just love it so much.  It was a beautiful, subtle shade and one that wears very well.  I love a shade like this because it doesn't show the chips.  This would be a fabulous option if you don't like to paint your nails very often or if it really bothers you to see chips. 
The name suckered me in, obviously! But the colour speaks for itself.  It's a lovely creamy shade, perfect for fall.  

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