Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shout Out Saturday

Today I am giving a Shout Out Saturday to the love my life, best friend, partner and the guy who makes me laugh every single day. 
Today is Jeremy's birthday and if I were to use it as an excuse to list all the reasons he is the single best man in the world, I would fill the internet.  There would be no more space for anyone else to ever write a thing. 
But I wanted to pen a few words today anyway.
He is supportive like no one else has ever been. 
He is the most hilarious person I know. 
He is the most studious, responsible employee. 
He is fiercely protective.
He is caring and considerate, but knows his self-worth.
He is the reason I am confident and never afraid to be 100% authentic, as he leads by example.
He is truly my partner, as no matter what road blocks life serves, he is right beside me, paving a way through.
To know my love for Jeremy is to look in our son's eyes when he looks at his dad.  It's a love and admiration so pure and unending.
oxox Mare

1 comment:

  1. A well deserved tribute. Happy Birthday Jeremy. It takes two to have a relationship that successful so congratulations to you both! It is a rare thing to find and hold onto. It will serve your son very well too.


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