Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Magic Towel Trick

This is going to seem like a very random Shout Out Saturday, but it's changing my laundry routine immensely! 
Back story: I seriously need a new dryer.  Any load takes about two hours to dry.  TWO HOURS.  In a house where laundry is my job, that adds up quickly with our clothes, linens, towels etc.  It can be a very overwhelming task to tackle.
Then, my friend suggested I add a dry towel in the mix.  I have NO idea why, but I tried it this weekend and BAM! 
My loads took a fraction of the time to dry and actually came out hot.  Revolutionary!
I wanted to share this magic trick with you.  Even if you have a perfectly good dryer, why not cut down the drying time?  Who wants to spend hours waiting for the laundry? Also, it should help with your bills as the dryer will run for less time.
I used this old beach towel to make sure there wouldn't be any added lint. 
Let me know if you try this!

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