Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vlogmas Returns

Today is the last day of November and also the night before the beginning of Vlogmas!  In case you aren't familiar, Vlogmas is a fun tradition on YouTube where many creators post vlogs every day in December.  I first started in 2012:
We had so much fun in 2012 during Vlogmas.  The most exciting part was Thomas' first steps!  
Most vloggers do Vlogmas from December 1st to 24th or 25th, but I like to round out the entire month to include Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.  That's what I also did in 2013:
Last year's Vlogmas was filled with trips to Vancouver as well as hosting a NYE party and ringing in the new year with our loving friends.  It's fun to vlog every day and December is an exciting month to document.  Tomorrow we start Vlogmas 2014!  The first video will be posted on December 2nd and then every day after that until January 1st.  
Until then, feel free to peruse the last two seasons of Vlogmas a la Mare right here.


  1. Can't wait for vlogmas!!! So excited to watch :) I love your channel!!

  2. Looking forward to the first one! Hope I can find it easily. Love, Mum xx


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