Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Catching Up To Do

Well, hello there.  Nice to see you again.  Yes, my little corner of the internet has been neglected recently and I am here to say sorry! Vlogging every day of the month seems to have been all-consuming!  Have you been keeping up to date with my Vlogmas Series on my YouTube channel? If not, no worries, it is ready and waiting for you!  
Can you believe it is December 15th? Only ten days until Christmas? How did this happen? 2014 was easily the fastest passing year in my life.  I will be posting some fun wrap-up entries over the next couple of weeks as I always do.  I will look back on the year and ahead to 2015.
What has been keeping you busy?  Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, preparing, etc no doubt.  Tomorrow I will be buying my very last gift and am thrilled to have that portion of the season complete!
As you have been neglected, I wanted to put this out to YOU.  What kinds of blog posts would you like to see on here? More beauty, fashion, mom, books...
What would YOU like?
Thanks for sticking with me and being patient.
oxox Mare


  1. Mom posts! I'm loving All the mom stuff on vlogmas! I also have a 3 yr old.

  2. keep up the good work you do a great job of juggling everything you deal with. Take some time to enjoy the season too :)

  3. Quick and easy cooking ideas!
    Love your Vlogmas as well!


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