Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Scarf Tag

Thanks to my boo Emilie for tagging me to do The Scarf Tag! I have never done one on my website before and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity as I am posting videos every day already on my YouTube channel for my Vlogmas Series.
You can see Emilie's version of the tag here.
Well, if you know anything about my sense of style, I love a good scarf! In fact, I have pretty much banned myself from adding any more to my collection.  Haha, yeah right ;)  If I come across a beautiful scarf, it's coming home with me.  Scarves are the perfect way to look put together with minimal effort. 
Here is the tag:
♥ Most expensive scarf in wardrobe: This beautiful leopard print scarf from Stella and Dot.  I know this piece will be a staple for years.
♥ Most favourite scarf This is such a tough one! I have many favourites! Right now I am loving my tartan scarf from Target which is pictured for question four, but I also love this multi-coloured number with skulls from Winners.  Most people wouldn't expect to see me in skulls and I like that!
 ♥ Most worn scarf This white one.  I bought it at the flagship Macy's store in New York City in 2008.  I absolutely love how it brightens my face and can add such a lift to any outfit.
 ♥ Newest scarf purchased This fabulous tartan print from Target which I just can't get enough of! 
 ♥ Which scarf would you purchase/like to own next I definitely need a new white scarf to replace my most worn as it's looking a little worse for wear!
Feel free to leave your answers in a comment. 
oxo Mare

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm I love that Stella & Dot one!
    Annnnnnd of course our Target one!


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