Thursday, January 29, 2015

De-Cluttering Our Home: Part 2

Welcome to part two of my De-Cluttering Our Home series. You can see part one here.  Today as you can see I am concentrating on our china hutch.  When I first bought this second-hand piece of furniture, it was just to fill a very blank space in our dining room.  I just put things on the shelves really without thinking or having a plan.  I used to collect shot glasses and as you can see, have quite the collection! The martini glasses are a beautiful wedding gift from my Maid of Honour who personally etched our initials and designs by hand on each glass. They are very important to me.  But the rest of the space seemed cluttered and wasted.  We aren't people who drink a lot and the bartending feel is tired. I wanted to make it more homey and look more intentional. So, below is what I did:
I absolutely love how this space turned out! I kept about four shot glasses in our kitchen in the liquor cabinet. The rest are in a box, not sure what I will do with them, but definitely not throwing them away!  The top left shelf is a wine decanter, a wedding gift.  The top right is my wedding bouquet. The bottom left shelf is a photo of my brother's family and us the last time we visited. Thomas absolutely loves this photo!  The tea cup was my Nana's.  The large tea pot was a gift from a dear friend.  In the glass shelves I placed my most used cookbooks for easy access.  The red decorative plate was a gift from a friend on her trip to New Zealand. On the bottom shelf you can see the martini glasses and the glass case, another wedding gift, holds these beautiful pine cones. I love the mix of colour, texture and size on the hutch.  The cabinets and drawers hold napkins, place-mats and dishes.
I completely cleared off the cabinet and gave it a good clean.  It's amazing how about an hour of work turned out.  I love this part of our dining room now!

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  1. Nicely done! Clutter in our space adds to stress in our lives. It certainly makes us feel good to organize and maybe not throw out but put away stuff we are not using😃


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